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Which Fixer-Upper Is Worth Fixing Up?

Everyone's different. Some of us are more put together than others -- and there's nothing wrong with that! Each of us are, hopefully, working to become the best person we can be at our own pace. Some people, like family members or counselors,...

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Things To Do With Pumpkins (Besides Carve Them)

So you visited your favorite pumpkin patch, came home with a big score of gourds, and are stuck trying to make good use of them? Don’t worry! We have a couple of fresh ideas to put those fresh pumpkins to good use. 1. Make A Centerpiece! ...

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Are you Ready to Buy your First Home?

Are you ready to clean gutters, mop floors, and scrub toilets? Are you ready to pick things up only to find them messy again hours later? Are you ready to lose your keys and the TV remote over and over again? If so, it sounds like you might be...

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How to prepare for a home inspection

In a previous post, we gave you tips and tricks to make painting and texturing your house a little easier. And while the job is definitely simpler if you have a clear path to follow, you may have discovered that painting and remodeling can be h...

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DIY Painting and Texturing

Sometimes, buying a home is just the beginning of the adventure. While you might think you love everything about a house at first, you might decide there are some things you’d like to change. Maybe you’re not as big of a fan of that B...

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5 Tips to Help You Move Into Your New Home

Even with the help and guidance of a real estate agent, buying the perfect home can be exhausting. But once the deal is done and the deed is in your hands, the hard work isn’t over. You might want to do some painting and other remodeling ...

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10 Best Kitchen Styles for Every Type of Cook

Long gone are the days when kitchens were dreary workspaces, hidden behind closed doors. Today's kitchens are central to everyday living and special-occasion entertaining, often doing double duty as family rooms, offices and media centers, ...

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Where to Brunch in San Diego

With near-perfect weather and an active population that rises early, San Diego is a city that truly thrives during the daytime. So, it follows that quality brunch options are at a premium all across the county. Here are the latest brunch ha...

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Discount Agent vs. Full Service Agent

Many of us look for bargains when we’re shopping. Getting a good deal on something we buy usually makes us feel better about the purchase. So when you’re shopping around for a real estate agent, you may be tempted to choose the agent with t...

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