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I ran into Felicia at an event and casually mentioned that we might consider selling our house in the next year. Sure enough the next day Felicia called me and asked me how much I wanted for my house. I gave her a number I thought was too high since I had not made the decision to sell yet. That same day she brought me a buyer with an all cash full price offer. I was shocked and decided to accept the offer. The buyer wanted to close escrow in 10 days which I am convinced would have been impossible if it wasn’t for Felicia. She provided the true 5 star experience for us by managing every detail which ensured that everything went smoothly.

Felicia was amazing to work with and we happily recommend her to anyone wanting to sell their home.

Felicia is a true professional and was outstanding in helping me find a home for my family and I. She has excellent negotiation skills and has a deep knowledge of the real estate market. I was impressed with her accessibility and responsiveness. She was always available, and immediately addressed any concerns I had. She is detail-oriented, honest, straight forward and extremely hard-working.

Most importantly, I knew I could trust Felicia and that she had my best interests in mind. I would highly recommend Felicia to anyone looking to buy or sell real estate.

Best agent… best team! It was our lucky day when we began to work with Felicia and her team to find a home in Carmel Valley. She knows the market like nobody else and negotiated a great deal for us on our dream home even though there were other buyers interested. My favorite thing about her is she ALWAYS answered my calls and made herself available to meet me. That is an invaluable quality in my eyes. Thank you!

I don’t think I can sing the praises enough about the experience we had working with Felicia Lewis to sell 2 houses in our family. The experience that she brought allowed 1 house to be sold at full asking price days before it even went on the market, and the second house to get a full price offer within 5 days of it being on the market.

We entrusted her to give us the best advice in terms of home improvements both inside and out, and what a difference that made for us. Both houses were in an optimal condition for selling. Felicia always went above and beyond what we expected in an agent. From meeting workers at the houses when we couldn’t be there, to picking out plants for us to help improve the outside of the house, to making calls to help get different price quotes for some work that needed to be done before the houses went on the market.

When we were looking for an agent to sell 2 houses for us, we wanted someone that was a true professional. We could not be happier with the Felicia’s performance as an agent. She exceeded our expectations, and I could not imagine using a different agent in the future.

Show PerfectTM

With the majority of buyers taking to the internet to find their next home, the first time a buyer views your home is not when they step foot inside of it with their Realtor but when they are scrolling through pictures and making a decision in the moment. Our Show Perfect program is targeted towards bringing out a home’s best qualities then marketing it to today’s home buyers.

We’ve utilized this program in every single one of our listings, allowing us to preserve home values in our communities and sell our client’s home in a short amount of time for top dollar.

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According to a new survey released in 2014, 89% of homebuyers use the internet to view properties before their purchase. dwellem understands the shift towards online exposure and has adapted to create a dominate online presence including in the international markets. Your listing will be distributed to millions of Internet home shoppers through our syndication feeds with other home search websites, and can be accessed through over 50 of the top real estate websites in the nation including: