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Things To Do With Pumpkins (Besides Carve Them)

So you visited your favorite pumpkin patch, came home with a big score of gourds, and are stuck trying to make good use of them? Don’t worry! We have a couple of fresh ideas to put those fresh pumpkins to good use.

1. Make A Centerpiece!

Get rid of your wax fruit and upgrade to real pumpkins! This could be as simple as putting a single large pumpkin on the dinner table, or as complex as crafting an arrangement of pumpkins of different shapes and sizes in a cornucopia. You could put this on top of a cupboard in the dining room, on a table near the entry way, on a coffee table, over the bathroom sink, or anywhere you’d like it!

2. Make Your Stoop Stupendous

Putting a carved Jack O’ Lantern by your front door is a Halloween classic, but you can mix it up by putting away your carving tools and picking up a paintbrush. Paint your house number on a pumpkin and put it by your doorstep. You could also paint a face or the logo of your favorite sports team on a pumpkin as well. These are festive options you could use all October! But don’t worry, we’d never suggest not to carve a pumpkin if that’s what you’re feeling up to.

3. Swap Flowers For Pumpkins In Your Favorite Vase – Or Make The Pumpkin The Vase!

Display an assortment of small pumpkins of different colors and shapes in a vase to bring the holiday spirit to the room of your choice. Another take on this decorating tip is to use a nice bucket or basket to hold the pumpkins instead. If you want to make the pumpkin itself the vase, cut off the top near the stem and “plant” a succulent plant of your choosing.

4. Make Mini Jack O’ Lantern Candle Holders

What better way is there to festively light up a room than with an actual candle? With a candle inside a pumpkin! Instead of using a glass dish or candle holder for a tea light, carve a small pumpkin and place the candle inside it instead. You can carve whatever you’d like into the pumpkin, but we recommend a spooky Jack O’ Lantern face to fit the theme.

5. Turn A Pumpkin Into An Ice Bucket To Serve Chilled Wine

Halloween parties are a great opportunity to get together with friends and family and share in the holiday spirit. But this year you can show off a cools serving dish in addition to your cool costume: a pumpkin serving bucket.
You’ll need a pumpkin wider than a couple wine bottles for this idea. Simply cut the top section of the pumpkin off, carve and clean out its insides, and fill the hollow gourd with ice. Push in a couple of wine bottles and prepare to impress your guests.

So whatever you decide to do with your pumpkins, don’t let them go to waste!